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 2018 Destination Team Ski Challenge!

Ski the Pacific Crest Trail from BC to Mexico…or stop
part way and enjoy the scenery (and local beverages!).
Teams of up to 8 people will tackle the trail from
January 27th-March 18th, recording their weekly ski
Ski to Washington state (12km) for a Seattle coffee,
to Oregon (812 km) for a Craft beer, to California
(1555 km) for California wine, or make it all the way
to Mexico (4256 km) for tequila!
How to join the Challenge: Make a team (max 8
people), choose a captain and team name. Captain
emails team name, roster, and captain’s contact
information to:
Start skiing Jan 27th and collect weekly distances
skied. Have captain call Dave Debeck (250-682-8861)
each Sunday until March 18th with team’s weekly
total kilometers skied. Skiing at other venues may be
Potluck wind up event March 24th at Arlene Schieven’s


Here are the individual challenges for the 2017-18 season. The challenges begin Jan 1 and go to Mar 31.

All of the activities except the team event can be completed anytime during the season and are self-monitored.

Questions? Please contact Fae at 

1. Ski Your Age

Ski your age (as of Dec 31, 2017 ) in one day. If you are over 50 you may choose to either ski 100-your age in one day OR you may ski your actual age within 24 hours.

2. Holy Cow Ascent

Ski from the Nordic Centre up Holy Cow to the top of the Morrisey lift and back down. You do not have to go around Pony Loop.

3. Ski Every Trail

Ski every trail in the Nordic Trail System in one day. You may set your own route but every bit of every trail in the system must be skied (approx 42 km)

4. Twin Peaks

Ski from the Nordic Centre to the top of Stellar Jay and to the top of Pony Loop in one trip. You do not have to go to the bottom in between summits and it doesn’t matter which peak you ascend first.

5. Nordic Warrior Fitness Challenge
Complete challenges 1-4 to become an official Sun Peaks Nordic Warrior. Each event is independent and cannot be combined with another except the 2 events, Ski Your Age and Ski Every Trail. For example, If you are 40 and ski every trail in one day, you have also skied your age. Or, If you are 48 and ski every trail in one day you can top up your mileage to 48 and you will have skied your age.
6. Go the Distance
Keep track of your kms for the season and achieve a personal goal. You can record distance from the beginning of the season up to Mar 31 and achieve recognition for 100, 250, 500, 1000, 1500 km.

Get out there and see what you can do!

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