Dog Trails


There are several dog-friendly trails, both on and off leash,  in the Sun Peaks Nordic Trail System.

Dogs must be on leash on the Village Trail, in P5 and the portion of the McGillivray Lake Trail below Whiskey Jack.

Dogs are permitted off leash on Whiskey Jack, on the portion of the McGillivray Lake Trail above Moose Track, on Raven’s Ramble and on Raven’s Return.

The route to the McGillivray Lake cabin is to start with your dog on leash  from P5 along the McGillivray Lake Trail to Whiskey Jack where you may take your dog off leash and continue up to the junction with Moose Track and the McGillivray Lake Trail. Keep going up the McGillivray Lake Trail until you reach the lake and cabin. Beginner skiers tend to use the McGillivary Lake Trail, so please take special care with your dog along the shared section above Moose Track to the lake.

  • Bags are provided, so please clean up after your pet. Please note this means bagging and disposing of the waste. (Just throwing it off the trail means it builds up all winter!)
  • Sun  Peaks Resort mandates that dogs are to be on-leash in the resort unless on a designated off-leash trail.
  • All trail users benefit when dogs are kept to one side of the trail, and under the control of their owner(s).
  • Please remember that not all skiers, particularly beginners, are comfortable with dogs. Let your dog visit with other skiers or dogs only when welcomed.
  • When off leash, your dog must be well-behaved and must listen to your verbal commands.
  • Please use only the designated dog-friendly trails when you bring your dog.
  • Enjoy skiing with your furry friend!

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